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Canaima/ Angel Falls

Duration: 3 days- 2 Nights OR 1 Full Day
Minimum group: 2

This is THE most famous tourist attraction in Venezuela- the trip to see the highest waterfall in the world. Angel Falls falls a full 979m from Auyun-tepui, located deep into the heartland of the beautiful Gran Sabana, the garden of Venezuela! This is a ´must do´ tour, and is easily the most famous site in Venezuela.
Named after Jimmy Angel, the American pilot who crashed on the top of Auyun-tepui in 1933, and later discovered Angel Falls through his escape effort to get down off the table top mountain, the views of Angel Falls, both from below or above, will be something you wont forget!
The Gran Sabana is littered with Tepui´s- flat table top mountains- which are almost entirely inaccessible to climb, making their world at the top one of strange evolutionary cycles, untouched ever by the human hand.
Unfortunately Angel Falls is still very inaccessible, despite the numerous tourists that go to see it daily. To get there, one must take a flight from Ciudad Bolivar, for about 45mins, over the stunning Gran Sabana and the weird tepui-tops. You will arrive at a small but stunning indigenous village called Canaima. Situated on the edge of the Lake of Canaima, the village itself has much to offer, from white sand beaches, thick forest and all the wildlife that exists within, and the famous 6 consecutive waterfalls of Canaima (Sapo, Sapito, Ucaima, Golondrino, Wadaima, Hacha) some of which you can walk behind! From Canaima one must either continue the flight to see Angel Falls from above, or take a 2 day boat ride to reach the base point of Angel Falls.
3 Day- 2 Nights- This is the most popular option if time permits, and also depending on the season. It involves the flight to Canaima, the morning in Canaima, enjoying its delights such as the red water of the Lagoon of Canaima and the waterfalls named above. Afterwards, we take a small boat ride to the Campamento which is on the banks of the River Carrao, in the thicks of the jungle. The second day sees the trip progress down the river to the base of Angel Falls. After lunch in front of the highest waterfall in the world, you will have a chance to visit other smaller waterfalls close by, some lakes where you can swim in, and also to observe the varied vegetation and wildlife of the Gran Sabana, before heading back to the Campamento for the second night. Day 3 sees the return journey first to Canaima, and then onto Ciudad Bolivar.
1 Day Flyover- This is an excellent option for those travelers who are short on time but don’t want to miss this once of a lifetime opportunity to see Angel Falls. Following the same itinerary as the 3 day tour, you fly to Canaima, spend the morning in Canaima, and after a full lunch, return to your plane to take the flyover of Auyun-Tepui. The pilot will take you on some trips around the waterfall, and you will have plenty of time to experience the world’s largest waterfall from above, from a plane.

This tour includes:
  • All meals
  • All drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • A bi-lingual guide (English and Spanish)
  • Campamento for 2 nights (3 Day option only)
  • All activities, boat ride etc
  • Flight to and from Ciudad Bolivar

To Take:

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sufficient variety of clothes for all weathers
  • Sun cream lotion
  • Swimming suit
  • Camera


  • Please inform us if you are a vegetarian
  • Please inform us if for any reason you cannot sleep in a hammock.