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Chacantá (3d/2n)

Duration: 3 days-2 nights.
Minimum Group: 3 people.

Los Pueblos del Sur (the Villages of the South) is a magical zone, rooted in antiquity, where life continues just as it did for past generations: the lifestyle of the Andean countrymen and women of yesteryear. The Pueblos del Sur, which still ooze history, legend, and tradition, offer an authentic and unique experience to their visitors.

With their virgin, mountainous, and charming landscapes, with picturesque architecture, with an ample variety of wildlife, especially birdlife, with home baked local food, with traditional handicrafts, with opportunities to explore by foot, bicycle, or on horseback, and with a contact and coexistence with nature, there is something for everyone here!

The country dwellers, who normally live off the land and the cattle they raise, now are opening their doors to tourism, and they do so with a welcome and attention of the highest level.

This new tour package forms an important part of the development of community tourism in Mérida, and provides an excellent alternative for those tourists who wish to take full advantage of their visit, and to see something other than the traditional tourist sites in Mérida.

The Chacantá package will give you the chance to get to know the most isolated village of all of those in the Pueblos del Sur, that which maintains in the most authentic way its culture, architecture, and traditions: the beautiful Chacantá. The tour also includes 2 short trips in the zone to extraordinary viewpoints where you will have some contact with the wildlife and plant life, as well giving you the opportunity to seeing the capital of the municipality, Canaguá. Finally, this option gives you the chance to see the complete route, entering from Tierra Negra and exiting throguh Estanques. It’s perfect for family groups, adventurers, or anybody really!

On this trip you will first see the famous landmark called Tierra Negra, a viewpoint with an incredible view, and also the best place in all of Venezuela to try paragliding. In the sections of the winding road after Tierra Negra, which takes you towards the villages of San José (2350m) and Mucutuy (1400m), you will have the chance to take in the vegetation of the zone, such as the cold highlands of Piedra Pirela at 2800m of altitude, and observe the typical way of building houses, known as ‘tapir’, which uses walls built of compressed earth instead of cement blocks.

You will spend the night in a typical house, which has been converted into a family MucuPosada, at 1600m of altitude close to Mucuchachí, where they will serve you some of the delicious food from the zone. From here you will take a trip out to observe the sunset from the spectacular viewpoint of the antenna of La Encillada at the end of the first day, with 360 degree views and drops, and from which you can see the rivers Mucutuy and Mucuchachí: a perfect place to take photos or simply relax in the tranquility of the Andes of Mérida!

The following day, you will travel to the smallest village in the area: Chacantá (1500m). This is only a short ride, by dirt road, but you will start entering the most beautiful parts of the area, crossing rivers, mountains, and bridges. In Chacantá you will take a short trip out by mule or bike to a viewpoint above the village, and you will also have plenty of time to get to see the village itself: the Plaza Bolívar, the church, the museum of antiquities- which preserves loads of articles and stories of the past generations of the zone-, and finally in the Plaza Bolívar you will see the punishment stocks, one of only 2 which still exist in Venezuela, and which was used to punish criminals and which dates from 1920.

After sleeping in a beautiful MucuPosada in the center of Chacantá, you will leave towards the capital of the Pueblos del Sur, and the biggest village: Canaguá (1500m). Here you will have the chance to see the iconic church and the beautiful main square, before returning to Mérida via the towns of El Molino (1750m) and Estanques, and the cold highlands of Paramo de Las Nieves.

Included in this tour:

-All of the meals from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day.
– All of the drinks (non alcoholic)
– Transport to and from Mérida.
– Accommodation.
– Activities by mule or bike.
– Bilingual guide.

You should take:

-Enough clothes for the mountains.
– Strong shoes.
– Enough batteries for the camera.
– A rain jacket.


-Please inform us if you are a vegetarian.