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Páramo (The Highlands)

Duration: 1 Day, OR 2 Days- 1 night
Minimum group: 2

Páramo is the most popular 1 day tour around Merida, due to the breath taking mountain scenery of the Andean highlands. You will see some of the most enchanting Andean villages on the route that takes you up to the highest pass in Venezuela, the famous Pico Aguila (4,100m). Also you will see the beautiful lakes of the National Park of Sierra Nevada (Lago Mucubaji 3,800m and Laguna Negra amongst others), and you will be able to fully enjoy the rich mountains of the route up, and the bare landscapes that start from the highest town in Venezuela (Apartederos 3,500m) up to the peaks at the top.
We will visit the popular tourist sites lower down as well, including the hand-built stone chapel in San Rafael, which received Papal recognition on the Pope´s last visit to South America.
You will further have a chance to observe the local way of life, from the artisan products to the vast range of fruit and vegetables that they produce through a mixture of advanced irrigation techniques to old fashioned oxen and cart methods.
Winding your way through the rivers, lakes, mountains, and forests of the Meridian ´Paramo´s´ in our luxurious transports, you will really feel like you are starting to understand something of Andean culture and lifestyle. Why not even try some of the local products on route! Some trout, strawberries and cream, Ponche Crema (an alcoholic drink similar to Baileys), Arepas de Trigo, Calentado (a mountain drink to warm the insides).
The Paramo´s of Merida can be enjoyed in a variety of ways:
FULL DAY TOUR, from around 9am until 5pm, in a variety of transports and group sizes.
The Hot springs of the Musui are an excellent added bonus to this tour. This option will require a longer day (7.30am-6.30pm) and a certain amount of walking on your part (roughly 1hr 15 mins), in order to reach the highest natural hot springs in Venezuela at 3,200m, where you can enjoy and bathe in the delights of the hot water flowing out of the mountains
Why not really enjoy your time in the mountains by passing a night in a typical mountain town such as Gavidia (3,300m)! Cut off from the world, and in amongst a scenery of small rivers, giant rocks, mountain slopes, and small Andean houses, this is the perfect place to unwind for a night. With a chance to do some trout fishing, some horseback riding, and to visit the hot springs in the Musui, this is the most complete way to see and really understand Andean lifestyle, and to fully appreciate the beautiful mountain views of the Andes.


The transport service to the national Observatory leaves from 4pm from Merida, and takes you 40km to a small town called Llano Del Hato, which at 3600m is one of the highest in the world.The observatory has as its fundamental objective the development of investigations into the study of astronomy. Its results are always published in national and international journals. It has 4 large telescopes, each situated in a dome, the Schmidt camera, the telescopic reflector, and the large reflector. You will be able to view the stars from the domes and telescopes, an unforgettable experience that won’t fail to impress. The technicians also give you a guided tour of the workings of the observatory. We normally arrive around midnight in Merida again.

Note: The observatory is only open in high seasons and on Saturdays (low season)

This tour includes:
  • Professional Guide (Spanish only. If needed we can, for an additional cost put it in English, French, or German)
  • All transport and activities
  • All entrance fees to the National Parks
  • All food (only with the Hot springs and Gavidia options)
  • 1 Nights accommodation (Gavidia option only)

To take:

  • Camera
  • Warm clothing
  • Food/ money to buy lunch
  • Bathing suit if visiting the hot springs
  • Strong shoes