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Los Llanos

Duration: 4 Days- 3 Nights
Minimum group: 4

Los Llanos is the ultimate Safari tour! Take a trip into the heartland of Venezuela , and visit ´the plains´, the flatlands, which you will find are absolutely full of animals, and absolutely deserted of human life! We offer a 4 day excursion, which includes a river safari, a land safari, a horseback safari, and some piranha fishing, all based around the oldest camp in Los Llanos- Rancho Grande.
Our camp is unique in Los Llanos because of its proximity to the River Caño Guaratico, and its interconnecting rivers, all of which means that the camp sits right on the edge of a large, crocodile infested lake! What better way to see the animals than when they are having their breakfast at the same time as you! As a typical LLanero camp, you will be made welcome by the local family that keeps it, and will be amazed by their knowledge when we all go out on safari together!
When we head out in a dugout canoe, we will be looking specifically for the birdlife, from eagles to parrots to storks; for river dolphins, snakes, turtles, caiman, iguanas, and much more!
By land, we will be crossing the amazingly flat plains, in search of caiman, of capybaras (the world’s largest rodent), of giant anteaters, of sloths, of the incredible birdlife, specifically the sparkling scarlet ibis, and of course the anaconda! Measuring anything up to 10 meters, this will almost certainly be the largest snake you will ever see!
Accompanied at all times by not only an expert guide from Merida, but numerous local helpers, you will be overwhelmed with information about the animals, and hopefully be able to hold some of the ones we manage to pick up for you!
Los Llanos is not only the best Safari location in the continent, but also the musical and cultural heartland of Venezuelan culture. From their lively Joropo music, to the way of life that they lead, this is the genuine article.
4 Days- 3 Nights-

Leaving early, we ascend the famous route of Páramo, up to 4,000m, visiting many touristic sites on the way. After descending the other side, we cross the Plaines to arrive at the camp in time for the first of the beautiful LLanero sunsets. Day 2 and Day 3 include the 4 activities (horseback safari, piranha fishing, a land safari, and a river safari), each of which takes half a day. After each morning activity we will return to the camp for lunch, a siesta, and we leave again in the afternoon until sunset. On day 4 we leave early to start our journey back to Merida.

Included in this Tour:
  • All meals from lunch day 1 until lunch day 4
  • All drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Professional Bilingual (English/Spanish) Guide
  • Transport to and from Merida
  • Campamento for 3 nights
  • All activities.

To bring:

  • Mosquito repellent (although normally it isn’t a problem during the day, in the early evening mosquitoes can make an appearance)
  • Sun cream lotion
  • Sufficient batteries for your camera
  • Wet and dry clothes, including something long sleeved (depending on the season).


  • Please inform us if you are a Vegetarian
  • Please inform us if you will not be returning to Merida and will to be left to continue your travels in either Mantecal or Barinas
  • Please inform us if, for any reason, you cannot sleep in a hammock. In this case a bed may be arranged, although hammocks within a closed cabin are the standard sleeping arrangement.