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Duration: 2 days- 1 Night
Minimum group: 4

The Rafting trip is a 2 day- 1 Night excursion that will take you from Merida, up the route of Páramo, up and over 4,000m of altitude, and down the other side to the State of Barinas, and the River Acequias. This tour is only available between May and November, i.e. the rainy season, and will take you on a grade 3-4 (5 being the highest rafting level) river.
Day 1
We leave in a 4×4 transport, ascending the mountains and the famous Andean pass of Páramo, passing by many of the famous touristic sites in Merida. After reaching Laguna Mucubají, the highest point on the trip, we descend and stop to have a short downhill mountain bike ride through the folds of the Andes. After lunch we continue to the beautiful riverside camp in the River Acequias, which has views over the very rive you will be tackling!
After settling in, we have the chance to enjoy some of the beautiful natural landscapes of this part of the state of Barinas by the introductory session of the rafting. Here the professional instructor will explain the technique of rafting, and the safety procedures involved, and will then kit you out in your life-jacket and helmet and push you off in the raft! You will return to the camp in time for dinner, and have a chance to relax in the beautiful surrounds between the Andean hills and the famous Los Llanos.
Day 2
After a full breakfast, we return to the river, to try some slightly more technical rafting. This is when you really will be thrilled by the rapids of the River Acequias, conquering its hardest twists and turns, before coming back to the camp for lunch and the journey back to Merida.

This tour includes:
  • Transit to and from Mérida
  • 1 nights accomodation
  • All meals from lunch day 1 to lunch day 2
  • All drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Professional rafting instructor
  • All equipment needed for the rafting

To take:

  • Overnight clothes
  • Swimming suit
  • Camera
  • Towel