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Duration: 2 Days- 1 Night
Minimum group: 2

The Catatumbo lightening phenomena is one of the few remaining unexplained events in the world! How is it that there can be lightening on a frequent basis without thunder or any noise at all?!?! This is the only place in the world that this occurs, and it is still scientifically unexplained!
But this tour includes a lot more! We will pass 4 distinctly different types of habitation-mountain life; life in the steamy planes; life in the fishing villages; and life in a village built on stilts! We will see 4 types of vegetation, of lifestyle, and of environment, culminating in the village of Congo Mirador: an entire village built on the water, of over 1,200 habitants!
Also, we will go on safari. We pass down the River Concha and Conchita, observing on the way the vast variety of birdlife, as well as the countless monkeys, iguanas, snakes, etc. What’s more, by night we will return to the river by torchlight to look for snakes, caiman, nocturnal birds and so on!
Located in the Lake of Maracaibo, the largest lake in South America, the Catatumbo area is both a national park of outstanding beauty, an area of vital necessity to those living close by due to its fish production; and an area of mystery and eeriness, with its lit up, silent, nights. And what better place to observe it from than a house built above the water! Relax to the slapping of the waves as you watch the stunning rays turn the sky all colors of the rainbow!
This tour has everything! A true hidden treasure of Venezuela!
2 Days- 1 Night-

Leaving south out of Merida we pass by 2 famous waterfalls (Las Gonzales and Salto Jají), before entreating the village of Jají. We then stop for lunch at the Pirate Caves in La Azulita, and continue into the planes towards Puerto Concha. Leaving the car we commence our boat safari, arriving at our house on stilts in the Lake of Maracaibo. After dinner we return by boat for the night safari, and then relax and wait for the lightening phenomenon. After a night’s sleep, we travel up to the village on stilts-Congo Mirador-, and explore the inner folds of the River Catatumbo and River Bravo. After returning back to the port, we take the car on a southerly route via El Vigia and the Coffee museum and back to Merida.

This tour includes:

  • All meals from lunch day one until lunch day 2
  • All drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Professional Bi-lingual guide (English/Spanish)
  • 1 Nights accommodation
  • All Activities, boat ride, etc

To take:

  • Warm and light clothing (depending on the season)
  • A torch
  • Strong shoes
  • Sufficient batteries for your camera


  • Please inform us if you are a vegetarian or don’t eat fish
  • Please inform us if for any reason you cannot sleep in a hammock and would prefer a bed. Hammock is the standard sleeping arrangement here, but beds can be arranged on request.