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Around Mérida

Geographically, Mérida follows a very simple layout of Avenues and Streets, laid out in block formation. Most addresses can be located by their Avenue/Street address. The city centre is centered around 5 main Plaza´s: Plaza Bolivar (Av. 3+4, St. 23+22); Plaza Milla (Av 2+3, St. 13+14); Plaza Las Heroinas (Av 8, St. 24+25); Plaza El Llano (Av. 2+3, St. 28+29); Plaza Glorias Patrias (Av. 2+3+4, St. 36+37).
The State of Mérida is the 15th biggest in the country, occupying 11.300 km2, and the city of Mérida is at an altitude of 1,625m. the city is bordered by the River Chama, a major river which comes from the Andean highlands and finishes in the Lake of Maracaibo (Zulia state).
The city of Mérida is overlooked by 2 large National Parks, of Sierra Nevada and La Culata, as well as the famous 5 peaks of Sierra Nevada- Pico Bolivar (5,007m), Humboldt (4,942m), Bonpland (4,893), La Concha (4,922), and Leon (4,740).