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Arriving and Leaving

Mérida has a small, but new and very organized bus terminal, situated on Avenida Las Americas, about 10 minutes in taxi from the city centre and the Posada Yagrumo. On arrival it is advisable to take a taxi from the ranks outside the Terminal into the centre, which should cost you around 40 Bolivares.

The terminal has connections to most leading cities in the west of Venezuela, including Maracaibo, San Cristobal, Caracas, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Maracay, Barinas, as well as direct buses to Puerto La Cruz, Ciudad Bolivar, and Maturin in the East of the country. Local links include buses to Lagunillas, Jají, Timotes, Valera, Apartederos, El Vigia and so on.

If there are no tickets available for when you wish to come, we recomend that you change in Barinas.

Mérida airport is currently working, and offers daily flights to Caracas. the airport is only 10 minutes away from the Posada Yagrumo, and a taxi should cost you 40bsf, Soon, they will offer flights to other national destinations as well.

Similarly, there are commercial flights from El Vigia airport (soon to be international) which has regular flights to Caracas, Margarita and Maracaibo. El Vigia is about 1hr away from Mérida, and a taxi from El Vigia should cost around 400Bs.