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Useful information

Mérida is generally considered a cheap city in Venezuela. This is largely due to its student population, which means the nightlife and transport are very cheap; and the competitive tourist industry, keeping tours, hotel rooms, and so on down.
There is a black market operating illegally in the city, as in all of Venezuela, both for US dollars and Euros, which changes foreign cash at a higher rate than the official price (2.1Bolivars=$1; 2.6Bs=€1). But note that the black market is illegal, and only accepts cash US dollars, traveler’s cheques, or cash Euros.
The city centre is generally a safe place to walk around day and night. Be sensible, but don’t be scared. Outside of the centre it is available to take a taxi, both for the distances and the security. The police force here is very well organized and very reliable. Don’t be afraid to approach them for directions or suchlike. Mérida is generally considered the safest city in the country.