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The Ultimate Venezuela Experience (21 days)

Duration: 21 days/20 nights

Minimum Group: 4 people

Route: Caracas- Maracay-Choroní-Chuao-Valencia-Coro-Mérida-La Azulita-Puerto Concha-Catatumbo-Congo Mirador-Mérida-Los Nevados-Mérida-Barinas-Apure-Los Llanos-Ciudad Bolívar-Canaima-Ciudad Bolívar-Caracas- Los Roques-Caracas

This is the ultimate package holiday to Venezuela, visiting nearly all of its main attractions and sites of natural beauty in a complete trip around the country which lasts 3 weeks. The trip starts and ends with some gorgeous beaches, and in-between takes you to the major sites and landscapes in the country, giving you a chance to really get to know it in its entirety.

You will be stunned by its variety of topographies, climates, animals, regions, food, and peoples that it offers. Your photo albums will be filled, and your holiday soundtrack will take you back to the salsa beats of Caracas, the drumbeats of the coastal towns, the accordions of Zulia, the country violins of the Andes, the Brazilian  Meringue of the east, and the foot stamping Joropo beats of Los Llanos, in what we hope will be an experience of a lifetime for you.


  • Caribbean beaches

  • Colonial villages

  • The sand dunes of Coro

  • The unique unexplained phenomenon of Catatumbo

  • Trekking in the Andes

  • Safari in Los Llanos

  • The Gran Sabana and its Tepui´s

  • Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world

  • Archipelago Los Roques

  • Wide variation in habitats and vegetation


  • Day 1– Pick up in Caracas airport at the time that your flight arrives, and instant transfer to the Caribbean beach town of Choroní, roughly 4 hours from Caracas. We will accommodate ourselves in our Posada there, and if there is time, explore the colonial relics of the town.
  • Day 2– We will travel by boat to the village and beach of Chuao, famous for its cocoa plantations (supposedly of the best quality in the world), where we will spend the day sunning ourselves and seeing the small colonial town and its attractions, before returning by boat in the evening to Choroní.
  • Day 3– We will spend the morning in the village of Choroní, and on its main beach, Playa Grande. After lunch we will leave Choroní by jeep to the UNESCO heritage town of Coro, one of the oldest in all of South America.
  • Day 4– We will spend the day in the vicinity of Coro, seeing both the beautiful architecture of the town itself, and taking you out to the famous sand dunes of the Médanos de Coro to the north.
  • Day 5– We leave Coro, heading south into the Andes, and to what is considered the most beautiful city in Venezuela, Merida, at 1700m of altitude. We will arrive to our colonial Posada in the centre of the city.
  • Day 6– After breakfast, we leave to the Lake of Maracaibo to visit the wonders of Catatumbo, in the National Park Ciénages de Juan Manuel. We spend the morning in the mountains, visiting various Andean villages, waterfalls, and caves, before arriving to the Lake by boat, where we will see, with some luck, various animals such as caimans, eagles, and monkeys.  We will spend the night in a house on stilts, observing the natural and unexplained phenomenon of silent lightening.
  • Day 7– We will visit the ancient village of Congo Mirador, a village built completely on the water in the mouth of the River Catatumbo, before returning to the city of Merida, and have the evening free to see some of the beautiful city and its historic centre.
  • Day 8- We leave after breakfast on the rustic road deep into the mountains of the National Park Sierra Nevada towards the iconic village of Los Nevados, at 2800m. Here we will have a great chance to observe the culture, architecture, and lifestyle typical to the Andes, and we will also be able to try some local food and hear the local music. We spend the night amongst the clouds in our Posada close to los Nevados at 3000m above sea level.
  • Day 9– We will leave Los Nevados by the local transport system- mule, travelling upwards, deep into the National Park, and to the route of the famous Teleferico of Merida, and very close to the highest peak in the country, Pico Bolivar (5007m). We will reach 4200m above sea level where, hidden in the folds of the mountains, we will find our refuge house where we will spend the night at about 3500m.
  • Day 10– From our refuge, we will descend by foot, through cloud forest, down to the small village of Mucunutan. From here we will travel back to Merida by jeep, and back to the comforts of our Posada!
  • Day 11– We leave Merida on the one of the most beautiful routes in Venezuela in the direction of the famous safari plains called Los Llanos. Going up to 3700m of altitude and the descending to sea level, we will arrive in the afternoon to our campamento far, far away from civilization, where all there is are caiman, birds, snakes, and many other varieties of animals!!
  • Day 12 and 13– We will spend these days in the area of Los Llanos doing various activities. We will go out on safari on the river, on horseback, by jeep, and we will do some fishing for piranha! This is our chance to observe the thousands of birds, mammals and reptiles (and with some luck the famous Anaconda) that make Venezuela one of the best countries in the continent for animal-life!
  • Day 14- Leaving our campamento after breakfast, we set off on the road for the trip to the eastern colonial town of Ciudad Bolivar, the original capital of Greater Colombia which Venezuela was a part of in the time of the war of independence. We will arrive in the evening, and settle into our posada there.
  • Day 15– From Ciudad Bolivar we leave by plane (as it is the only way to get there!) to the indigenous village of Canaima deep in the “Garden of the Venezuela”, the Gran Sabana. Here we will spend the morning visiting the famous red water lake of Canaima, and the 7 waterfalls that fall into it, before leaving by boat, in the shadow of the giant Tepui´s, down the river to our campamento.
  • Day 16– We travel further down the river by boat, deep into the jungle, and to the base of the highest waterfall in the world, and Venezuela’s most famous attraction, Angel Falls, named after Jimmy Angel, the North American pilot who discovered it. There is a short walk through the jungle to reach the base, where we will spend the day before returning to our campamento for the night.
  • Day 17- We return by boat to the village of Canaima, and then by plane to Ciudad Bolivar. We will leave this same afternoon by plane to the capital, Caracas, where we will accommodate ourselves in our Posada.
  • Day 18– Leaving early, we will take the short flight to what is undoubtedly the most beautiful collection of beaches in the country, the paradise of Archipelago Los Roques. This small grouping of islands, with deserted white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, and vast coral reefs are the perfect place to unwind at after the exertion and adventure of the Andes, Los Llanos, and Angel Falls.
  • Day 19– We will take a short boat ride from our base in Gran Roque to one of the nearby islands, where you will have the whole beach pretty much to yourselves! We will spend the day here, where you will have the chance to do some snorkeling, or just knock back, take in the sun, go swimming in the warm waters, and enjoy the incredible view. We will return to our beachside Posada in time to see the sunset over the Caribbean Sea.
  • Day 20– We will leave Los Roques around midday, by plane back to Caracas, where we will spend the night.
  • Day 21– It’s time to go! Depending on the time of your flight, you may have some time to see some of the sites of the capital, or maybe go straight to the airport Maiquetia in Caracas. It’s time for you to say goodbye to Venezuela until your next holiday opportunity!

Included in the package:

  • All accommodation for the 20 nights: 2 nights in Choroní, 2 nights in Coro, 3 in Merida, 1 in Catatumbo, 2 the area of Los Nevados, 3 in Los Llanos, 1 in Ciudad Bolivar, 2 in the area of Angel Falls, 2 in Caracas, 2 in Los Roques.
  • All transport costs from the moment you arrive into Caracas, by jeep, plane or boat
  • With respect to the food, included, throughout the 21 days, are 10 breakfasts, 14 lunches, and 10 dinners. For the rest of your meals, your guide will be able to recommend some good options of where to eat, and where you can try some local dishes.
  • Bilingual guide for the 21 days
  • All activities listed

Not included in the package:

  • Airport taxes
  • Any additional activities which you may wish to do in the 21 days (such as snorkeling, paragliding, etc).
  • Entrance to the national parks
  • Tips

Additional Information:

  • This tour is available all year round, with a minimum of 4 people. Some modifications made need to be made depending on specific conditions of the dates (for example, over Christmas or public holidays), but wherever possible we aim to stick to the itinerary explained here. However in general it is necessary to be flexible as tourist here in Venezuela.
  • No special equipment is needed for this trip. A list of equipment will be sent to you by email on confirmation.
  • Please inform us at the point of conformation about any food allergies, vegetarians, or any physical disabilities within the group.
  • The majority of our accommodation will be in “Posadas” (Guesthouses), but on certain activities a hammock is recommended. Hammocks are provided, and there is always the option of a bed if anyone suffers from back problems.